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Last updated: 25 November 2015


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23 November 2015
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18 November 2015
Suspended Players

Beneath each individual scheduled fixture accessible via the link above, you will find a list of players who are suspended from that match.

This list is based on information received from the County Associations and as such should only be used as a guide as it may not be complete.

Should your club be of the opinion that the information is incorrect, you should contact your County Association immediately to have it amended. Any such amendments will be made as soon as the League are told by the County Association.

Players who have been suspended will be added to the lists as soon as the League are informed by the County Associations so clubs should make regular checks.

Suspended players for each team are also accessible by clicking on the team name in the relevant league table.


The players shown DO NOT include any players who are sine-die suspended as the League does not have access to this information.

17 November 2015
ECFA Report

A report from the Leagues ECFA Representative Dave Emerton has been uploaded to the web site

This report contains important information regarding suspensions and postponed fixtures, the Whole Game System and Football Discipline procedure. There are also details of new coaching courses.

It is highly recommended that you read this report

ECFA Representatives Report

13 November 2015
Kevin Pratt

For the foreseeable future Kevin Pratt can only be contacted on his mobile or by e-mail

09 November 2015
Sending in County Cup Results

You are reminded that, if you are the HOME team you must send in results of your County Cup match by SMS by 5:30 p.m.

The only time you must send in the result if you are the AWAY team is if you are playing a team from outside our League

Clubs that get it wrong or send the results in late WILL be fined as they are delaying the production of fixtures.

Please read this guide

05 November 2015
Ineligible Players

It has come to the Leagues attention that there have been cases of the team list shown on Full Time not being the same as the Team Sheet given to clubs before the match.

Clubs are reminded of the contents of League Rule 11 (A) which states:-

Clubs are required to check the names shown on the opposition team sheet with the names of the opposing team shown on the F.A. Full Time site. If they find any discrepancy and wish to pursue the matter, they must lodge a protest in accordance with Rule 15.

Clubs are also reminded that the player Authentication Form is now incorporated in the match day Team Sheet.

Every season the Management Committee receive unsubstantiated claims that clubs have played ineligible players.

It is up to clubs to use the tools available to them to assist the League in clamping down on this.

20 October 2015
New Players

Some clubs have had problems when they have signed players on on the day of matches only to find that those players are already registered with other clubs in our League.

Whilst the practice of signing players on on the day should be avoided, if you must do so you are advised to check to see if the player is already registered with Mark Rule prior to the Saturday.

You can also check if the player is registered this season with his previous club by checking that clubs players list on one of their forthcoming fixtures on Full Time.

As Mark also referees, he may well not be available on a Saturday so you will be taking a risk if you play the player before first checking.

As mentioned in a previous post on this site, there is no list of sine-die players available to clubs or Leagues this season.

You are therefore advised to contact the E.C.F.A. to check any new players out. At least one club may have played a player who is sine-die suspended this season.

07 October 2015

The Leagues E.C.F.A. Representative has advised as follows:-

The serving of multiple suspensions has changed.

Suspensions from All Football (i.e. misconduct) will take precedence over the standard red card suspensions which only affect the specific category of football.

Therefore, for example, if a player is one match into serving a 3 match suspension from Saturday football and then receives a further suspension from All Football, the All Football suspension immediately comes into effect and the remaining Saturday suspension resumes after the player has completed the All Footballl suspension.

01 October 2015
SMS Results and Results/Stats

Clubs are reminded that in accordance with rule 11 (B), results have to be sent in by SMS by the following times

All League matches:
Designated kick-off anytime before or at 2.30 p.m.; result by 5.15 p.m.

All League Cup, League Challenge Cup, County Cup and other Competition Matches:

Designated kick-off anytime before or at 2.00 p.m., result by 5.30 p.m.

2.15 p.m. result by 5.45 p.m.

2.30 p.m.& 3.00 p.m. result by 6.00 p.m.

Clubs are also reminded that, in accordance with rule 11 (A), Results/Stats have to be uploaded to Full Time within 4 days of completion of the match

These stats are to include goalscorers and any cautions or send offs.

Clubs that fail to send in their results by the due time or upload their Results/Stats WILL be fined as league officers are unable to complete their duties until they are uploaded.

19 September 2015
New Registration Secretary

You are all aware that our Registration Secretary, Phil Coulthard, has been unwell this season.

This role has been filled temporarily by other Officers in addition to their normal responsibilities.

I am pleased to inform you that Mark Rule will take over the post on a permanent basis with effect from this Monday 21st September.

Mark's contact details are:

Mark Rule,
12 The Weind
Theydon Bois
CM16 7HP

Tel 01992 815 575 (H) 07789 955 039 (M)


Please send ALL registration forms to Mark with immediate effect.

The registration of players will be brought up to date as soon as possible as will the team sheets etc. on the Full Time system

We thank you for your co-operation.

15 August 2015

The League use Twitter to get important information out to clubs in our League as soon as possible.

Several clubs have said that they do not do Twitter, but you are urged, if your club does not have a Twitter account of its own, to ensure that one of your officers does.

Just because you have a Twitter account does not mean you have to post any messages. It just means that by following the the EOFL Twitter page you will be kept up to date with the latest league news.


As part of the F.A. Respect Programme clubs are requested give all of their players, coaches and spectators access to a copy of the Respect Code of Conduct.

Copies of these codes of conduct are detailed below.

All of the above are also requested to sign a register to acknowledge the fact that they have been made aware of what is expected of them.

Copies of draft registers can be downloaded from the link below. All you have to do is enter the name of your club and get them signed.

The League takes the conduct of players, officials and spectators very seriously and will not hesitate to take action against those who do not abide by these Codes of Conduct. Ultimately persistent misconduct by any of the above could lead to your club being recommended for exclusion from next seasons constitution.

Copies of the Code of Conduct for Match Officials are also available below as are details of what is expected of Club Captains.

Your co-operation with this would be appreciated as continued funding of the League by the F.A. is dependant on us showing that we are taking the Respect Programme seriously


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