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Saturday 25 April - Under 21 Representative Match Kent County League v E.O.F.L. - at Herne Bay F.C. K.O. 15:00

Last updated: 25 April 2015



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25 April 2015
Under 21 Rep Team Win

The under 21 Representative team travelled down to Herne Bay to play their first ever match and came away with a 3 - 0 win over the Kent County League Under 21 team.

25 April 2015
League Cup Details

Following todays matches the line-up for our Cup finals are as follows

All matches are being played at AFC Hornchurch with a 19:30 K.O.

Tuesday 05 May Denny King Memorial Under 21 Cup Ryan F.C. v Hutton
Tuesday 12 May Reserve Division Cup Frenford Senior v Newham United
Tuesday 19 May Senior Division Cup Wadham Lodge v Kelvedon Hatch

24 April 2015
Bishops Stortford Swifts Appeal

Bishops Stortford Swifts lost their appeal against the Leagues decision to find them guilty of playing an ineligible player in their match against Springfield on 10th January.

As a result the League table has been adjusted as the match has been awarded to Springfield in accordance with the original decision

21 April 2015
Playing an Under Age Player

Old Barkabbeyans have pleaded guilty to playing a player who was under the age of 16. This is a breach of League Rule 8 (P) (iii).

The player concerned has played in four Senior Division Two and three Reserve Division One matches between 31 January and 04 April 2015, five of which Old Barkabbeyans won and one that they drew.

The results of these matches are subject to review by the Management Committee and a note to this effect has been placed on the web site pages relating to the matches concerned.

20 April 2015
18 April Match Reports

Cup Reports

Senior Division Reports

Reserve Division Reports

Under 21 Division Reports

18 April 2015
Day of Decision

Both White Ensign and Harold Hill who were relegated last season, have bounced back into the Premier Division after todays results.

White Ensign won 4 - 0 at Hutton and Harold Hill won 2 - 0 at Galleywood

Toby drew 3 - 3 at home to Herongate Athletic leaving them needing two points from their last two matches to secure promotion from Reserve Two. Newham United are confirmed as Champions of this division.

Frenford Senior agreed to play their home match against Southminster St. Leonards at Southminster to enable the club to pay tribute to Andy Horth who recently passed away. Unfortunately Southminster lost 4 - 0 which mean they are relegated to Division One after a very hard season.

Debden Sports are relegated to Division Three after suffering their heaviest defeat of the season going down 12 - 0 at Runwell Hospital.

18 March 2015
Rule 8 (N) Clarification

Some clubs have been querying how many matches constitute the 30% of a member clubs first and/or reserve team fixtures.

If a player wishes to play for the first team of a club that has played 18 first team matches, he must have played in 6 games for either the first and/or reserve teams of that club in the competitions stated in the rule to qualify.

In this example 30% is actually 5.4, but in all cases the number of games he has to have played is rounded up.

17 January 2015
Postponed Matches

If you notify the relevant people that your match has been postponed by e-mail or text, you MUST, request a receipt. You will be able to see if the Fixtures Secretary has received your message as the match will either have been deleted from Full Time or have a notation saying it has been postponed.

E-mails and text messages do go astray and it is the clubs responsibility to ensure that any e-mails or text messages sent have been received.

The correct way to notify all of the above is by telephone

If the referee calls the game off you MUST notify the Fixtures Secretary by TELEPHONE..

13 January 2015
Changed Venues and Kick-Off Times

Clubs are reminded that if they change the venue or the kick-off times from those shown on Full Time they must let the Fixtures Secretary and Referees Secretaries know.

This is so that there are no problems if the officials have to be changed at the last moment and will also enable the Website to be kept up to date for the benefit of anyone wishing to watch the match. It also ensures that players taking part in the match are made aware.

09 October 2014
Player Authentication

Your attention is drawn to League Rule 8 (R) which deals with the procedure to be followed should you query the identity of a player of the opposing team.

The League Management Committee will only deal with appeals if the correct "Player Identification Form" has been used.

You can download a "Player Identification Form" via THIS link and clubs are urged to ensure that their team managers have at least one of these forms with them at every match.

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As part of the F.A. Respect Programme clubs are requested give all of their players, coaches and spectators access to a copy of the Respect Code of Conduct.

Copies of these codes of conduct are detailed below.

All of the above are also requested to sign a register to acknowledge the fact that they have been made aware of what is expected of them.

Copies of draft registers can be downloaded from the link below. All you have to do is enter the name of your club and get them signed.

The League takes the conduct of players, officials and spectators very seriously and will not hesitate to take action against those who do not abide by these Codes of Conduct. Ultimately persistent misconduct by any of the above could lead to your club being recommended for exclusion from next seasons constitution.

Copies of the Code of Conduct for Match Officials are also available below as are details of what is expected of Club Captains.

Your co-operation with this would be appreciated as continued funding of the League by the F.A. is dependant on us showing that we are taking the Respect Programme seriously

Football Stadia Improvement Grant

The Football Stadia Improvement Fund have updated the information regarding stadia funding for clubs from Step 1 to Step 7

The key points are that a higher percentage of total project cost are now available to Step 7 clubs and there is also a wider range of projects now eligible for funding

Follow this FSIF link for further details, including how much you can receive.

The presentation given at the All Clubs Meeting by the F.A. on 03 January 2013 is available via this link.

Information regarding Shared Access can be found via this link.


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